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introducing 27point1

Introducing 27point1 has been developed by Niche Communications who have been providing marketing services to various industry sectors for 20 years with part of these services being the provision of residential address data.

Whilst working with our clients on Direct Mail projects we recognised a fundamental gap in the market regarding how difficult it was to research list requirements and access and compile data lists quickly. With the technology available today there had to be a better way... this was the start of the 27point1 project.

The aim of is simple, to provide an effective ‘engine‘ or ‘portal‘ providing addresses of UK residents which can be accessed by list providers and large data users offering instant results through an inter-active, intuitive web solution.

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Why 27point1?

27point1 was developed to fundamentally change the way UK Residential Address data can be accessed for research and list delivery. The system provides real time delivery of the latest residential address data which is updated on a monthly basis.

The system was initially developed to provide our customers with a sophisticated yet simple to use interface from which they could create, amend and download ‘on the fly‘ any of the 30 million UK residential addresses that the system holds (the system also contains 43 million individual records relating to those 30 million addresses).

Now the 27point1 ‘data engine‘ is available to list providers and large data users allowing them to dramatically improve their productivity levels whilst simultaneously increasing client service levels by instantly running lists and counts for their clients. As an added benefit a white label version of the site can be provided for direct client access.

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introducing 27point1
27point1 Features

The all important features

If you use data lists or supply lists to end users then 27point1 could transform the way you operate. You choose between the standard portal or for a one off fee we can provide you a white label version branded to your companies identity. Features of the site are:

The ability to create, amend & download data lists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Full Search/Research facility for you and your clients.
Full Experian residential database available on the system.
Full VOA database (council tax banding) available on the system.
Unique Top-Up Notification which alerts you on a monthly basis to changes to your saved lists.
Automatic storage of all downloaded lists and searches.
Complete UK postcode coverage.
Full access to a wide variety of filters including Experian Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segments.
Full training available either at clients offices or our training centre in Wokingham.

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Our services

There are two ways to use the system:

1. Data & System
Access to the data engine is provided to users for a monthly system charge. In addition to this there is a cost for any lists which are downlaoded by the client. This costs is dependent on whether the data list is downloaded for single-use or multi-use (ie the client is intending to contact that address more than once in a 12 month period). Please note that address only data (ie Dear Homeowner) is our own data and is not subject to any agreement with a third party

2. System only
Existing Experian clients can use as their list generator engine for a fixed monthly fee. Any compiled data list that contains names and address data which is then downloaded must then be notified to Experian as part of the clients data agreement.

Using either of these options allows a 27point1 client to access to the full range of data held by the system and clients can drill down through our various filters all the way to detailed data profiling using Experian‘s Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segmentation.

Additional Services offered by 27point1:

We offer a number of training possibilities ranging from a simple web-ex designed to get users started all the way to an intensive two day course at our offices in Wokingham. This course takes you through all of the features of the system and how to get best out of it

Auto Update
Another feature of our service is our auto update which means that users of the system would receive monthly notifications of changes to any saved list. As we update our data feed on a monthly basis we can notify users of changes to any list saved in the system, users can then choose to purchase the new data to keep their list a the optimum level of accuracy.

Consultancy & Profiling
We have been retained by a number high profile internet retailers and working with them have developed a unique Data Model which significantly increases the target market for clients looking to market their retail products and services. Our consultancy service has generated significant ROI for these clients and is available to new clients, both in internet retailing and other B2C markets.

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27point1 data sources

Our data sources

27point1 offers three different levels of residential address data and when you request a data count the first screen will appear showing you what data we can offer:

1. Chimney Pots
This is the number of properties in the target area you have searched. Choosing this option will give you the address but no name. Typically correspondance would start with something like "Dear Homeowner". We charge this data out at £60/1000.

2. Named People
This is the number of people we can accurately tell clients live at the addresses in the search area. There may be more than one at each address, ie Mr Smith and Miss Ball may live at the same address. Typically in 75% of the Chimney Pots in a search area we can supply names of the occupiers. The charge for this type of data ranges from £158 - £238/1000.

3. Named Head Of Household
As per Named People except that only the Head of Household name is given (ie Mr Smith). Effective when a client only wants to contact one person in a property.

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